Wednesday 6 May 2020

April index

Here, belatedly, are links to all my daily blogs in April. Fill your boots.

April 1st    Links to all March blogs mise en abyme or what?

April 2nd   Playing Possum by Kevin Davey published by Aaaargh! Press

April 3rd   Shameless plug for the next Leap in the Dark

April 4th   Leaps Year and yet more blog-rolling

April 5th   Another Leap in the Dark - you'll be demanding a refund

April 6th   The Only Ones by Carola Dibble - the only dystopian fiction you need to read now

April 7th   No Orchids for Miss Blandish by James Hadley Chase - a personal favourite

April 8th   Jack Clemo and Guillemot Press - the Cornish poet and a brilliant indie publisher

April 9th   Dedalus by Chris McCabe - the long-awaited sequel to Ulysses

April 10th A Leap in the Dark 3 - a plug for the latest gathering

April 11th  A Leap in the Dark 4 - another plug

April 12th  Eley Williams: pen for hire - a brilliant fund-raising idea

April 13th  Spring Journal by Jonathan Gibbs - cantos I - IV

April 14th  On Nemo's Almanac - an exclusive quiz set by Dr Ian Patterson

April 15th After Absalon by Simon Okotie - the third part of the Absalon trilogy, published by Salt

April 16th On Jonathan Meades - a fan letter

April 17th A Leap in the Dark 5 - Nemo's Almanac and Simon Okotie's Absalon trilogy

April 18th  A Leap in the Dark 6 - and the first all-woman line-up

April 19th  The Pale Usher's Unusual Literary Quiz - you'll know what to do

April 20th  On translating a Beckett poem - self-explanatory

April 21st  Letter from Mexico City by Paulette Jonguitud - a very powerful and moving piece

April 22nd Spring Journal by Jonathan Gibbs - canto V

April 23rd  On national projection - Sir Stephen Tallents and the idea of England

April 24th  A Leap in the Dark 7 - a plug for the twice-weekly gathering

April 25th  A Leap in the Dark 8 - another night, another leap

April 26th  Spring Journal by Jonathan Gibbs - canto VI

April 27th  Letter from Auckland - by Oscar Mardell

April 28th  Malady Nelson's 'oh dear!'  - by Amy McCauley

April 29th Letter from Auckland 2 - by Oscar Mardell

April 30th  Mr Beethoven by Paul Griffiths - published by Henningham Family Press

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