Sunday 31 May 2020

May index

Here are links to my daily blogs in May. These offer a paper trail of A Leap in the Dark, the gatherings I organise on Fridays and Saturdays. These are not recorded (deliberately, as I want them to be ephemeral) but I'm happy to share texts (with the contributor's permission) and the odd commentary or reflection.

May 1st  Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! - A Leap in the Dark 9, promoted

May 2nd A Leap in the Dark with CB editions - the 10th Leap. Charles Boyle curates a special night

May 3rd A Letter from Dinan - by Susanna Crossman

May 4th Mind your hats goan in - Finneganight revisited

May 5th 'Dross' by Julian Stannard - a poem that featured in A Leap in the Dark on 10th May

May 6th April index - links to all of last month's daily blogs

May 7th Bluebeard by Guy Wetmore Carryl - this blog's equivalent to a testcard

May 8th A Leap in the Dark 11 - the latest Leap

May 9th A Leap in the Dark 12 - another Saturday night . . .

May 10th Home, Sisters -  a prize-winning short story by Emma Devlin

May 11th The Pale Usher's Unusual Literary Quiz - the answers

May 12th Jacko, Prince and me - from the unpublished 'All Along the Watchtower'

May 13th Spring Journal Canto VIII - by Jonathan Gibbs

May 14th On the Hogarth Roundabout - an attempt at psychogeography

May 15th A Leap in the Dark 13 - all the regular features, plus six blazing poets

May 16th A Leap in the Dark 14 - Nicholas Royle curates an evening with Nightjar Press

May 17th About last night - afterthoughts on this week's Leaps

May 18th A Zoom with a View - some thoughts on cyber security and the 'threatscape'

May 19th Some thoughts on experimental fiction - in response to Naomi Frisby

May 20th A Verlaine translation - keeping my hand in

May 21st On Joanna Walsh and Vertigo - a flimsy pretext to publish an unpublished blog

May 22nd A Leap in the Dark 15 - focus on Northern Ireland

May 23rd A Leap in the Dark 16 - translation slam with Frank Wynne and Daniel Hahne

May 24th Seed by Joanna Walsh - a preview

May 25th Spring Journal Canto X - by Jonathan Gibbs

May 26th Last Week in Marienbad - a Robbe-Grillet translation slam

May 27th On dvandas - a recycled blog from 2014

May 28th A discovery an unpublished letter from T S Eliot

May 29th A Leap in the Dark 17 - the Binding Problem

May 30th A Leap in the Dark 18 - Henningham Family Press and others

May 31st May index - no link, because it might create a black hole or something

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