Wednesday 11 May 2016

Seamus Heaney's Desert Island Discs

40 minutes to spare? Listen to Seamus Heaney on Desert Island Discs If I had to take just one programme from this long-running series with me to a desert island I think it would be this.  God, but the man can talk. His luxury item? A pair of Doc Martens.

He chose as his book a copy of Ulysses. Thanks to the BBC's  Castaway Archive (which is an addictive pleasure) you can find out what other castaways chose Joyce's masterpiece.
They are, alphabetically:

Peter Blake
Professor Baruch Blumberg
David Lodge
Peter Maxwell Davies
Ian McEwan
Jimmy McGovern
Edna O'Brien
Derek Walcott

Only one castaway has chosen Finnegans Wake. You can find out who for yourself.

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