Saturday 31 December 2016

December index

    Here's the index for December's blogs. Click on the title (and don't ask me why they all appear underlined).. Knock yourself out. And the scroll to the bottom of this blog for a message.

      December 2016

  • 22  My second most popular blog - and it's an odd one
  • 23  My most popular blog, ever - and it's not what you'd expect
  • 24  Parlour Games - is that you, Montagu?
  • 25  Ho ho ho - no blog today
  • 26  Ho ho - not today either
  • 27  Ho - nor today
  • 28  Ho hum - getting bored
  • 29  Comedy clergymen - my top five
  • 30  On Kate Hopkins  - two blogs about the artist from the archive
  • 31 December index - you're looking at it 

   And that's it, from me, for now.  

   Much as I enjoy blogging regularly I simply shan't have the time to do so in the foreseeable future (not that the future is ever foreseeable). I have two books to write in 2017, and a new job that will keep me very busy as well as other commitments, so will start this new year with an extended hiatus. Thank you for reading. You know who you are.



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