Sunday 2 August 2020

July index

Here are links to all of July's blogs. Fill your boots.

July 1st  June index - links to all of last month's blogs

July 2nd On the train - a recycled blog about railways and poetry

July 3rd A Leap in the Dark 27- Liquorish allsorts

July 4th  A Leap in the Dark 28 - Nuit Americaine

July 5th Buck Moon - and a poem by Alice Oswald

July 6th "U S" by W. H. Auden - a forgotten film commentary from 1968

July 7th On Jack Cox and Dodge Rose - an astonishing literary debut

July 8th Sex and drugs and Finnegans Wake - on Foerster Syndrome

July 9th On 'playful interventions' in art - a bilious rant

July 10th A Leap in the Dark 29 - Erskine, Sontag, Mistral,

July 11th A Leap in the Dark 30 - Open Mic Nite

July 12th NO BLOG - reasons

July 13th On the first Leap - from 3:AM Magazine, marking 30 Leaps in the Dark

July 14th On Jürgen Habermas and A Child's Guide to Languages - effective communication

July 15th On Georges Perec - my take on Je me souviens

July 16th Beckett, Bergson and slapstick - on comedy

July 17th A Leap in the Dark 31 - new writing by Sam Mills and Eley Williams

July 18th A Leap in the Dark 32 - conceptual ceramics, empathy and and Uwe Johansson

July 19th On Roger Hilton's 'Oi Yoi Yoi' - a favourite painting

July 20th Mr Electrico - Ray Bradbury remembers

July 21st Revelation Apocalypse - a prose poem by Amy McCauley

July 22nd On Ernie Lotinga and T. S. Eliot - some thoughts on the forgotten entertainer

July 23rd On Hamlet - on Hamlet, and Hamlet

July 24th A Leap in the Dark 33 - Wasting time in numbers and rhyme

July 25th A Leap in the Dark 34 - pottery, poetry and glossolalia

July 26th Letter from Deia - by David Holzer

July 27th Mr Electrico - Ray Bradbury remembers

July 28th Bingo! - wasting time in numbers and rhyme

July 29th Taking potshots at shit-hot hotshot novelists - a response to James Marriot of The Times

July 30th A Leap in the Dark 35 - Auden's Runner, a film by Don Owen

July 31st The Blackbird by Clare Allen - a new novel from Henningham Family Press

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