Monday 31 August 2020

August Index

Aug 1st A Leap in the Dark 36 close reading with Brian Dillon, Wendy Erskine & Linda Mannheim

Aug 2nd July index - links to all of last month's blogs. Fill your boots.

Aug 3rd No blog today (my son Edwin's 20th birthday)

Aug 4th The Big Sleep, dactyls and amphibrachs - thoughts on a favourite film

Aug 5th Who remembers Fifty Shades of Grey? - today's topical blog

Aug 6th A Leap in the Dark 37 - Acts of writing; rites of acting

Aug 7th A Leap in the Dark 38 - Two Kevins and a Funferal

Aug 8th On Malady Nelson - the poet Amy McCauley's alter ego

Aug 9th Letter from Magaluf - by David Holzer

Aug 10th Auden as Nostradamus - from For the Time Being

Aug 11th 18th centry trolling - the Partridge-Bickerstaff Papers

Aug 12th No blog today

Aug 13th A Leap in the Dark 39 - a Lark in the Deep

Aug 14th No blog today

Aug 15th A Leap in the Dark 40 - Tramp Press night curated by Laura Waddell

Aug 16th Last Leaps - what to expect over the next five weeks

Aug 17th Rayner Heppenstall and London Consequences - a blog from August 2013

Aug 18th On general knowledge - a paradigm shift

Aug 19th A Leap in the Dark 41 - M. John Harrison with Jen Hodgson and guests

Aug 20th A Leap in the Dark 42 - this just in

Aug 21st  On state benefits - number crunching

Aug 22nd "It's the Buzz, Cock!" - tonight's leap curated by C. D. Rose

Aug 23rd Announcing . . .  carthorse orchestra

Aug 24th No blog today

Aug 25th carthorse orchestra - teaser trailer

Aug 26th A Leap in the Dark 43 - Spring Journal concluded JG/MH and readers

Aug 27th A Leap in the Dark 44 - Essex night! Sarah Perry, Lee Rourke, Esme James, etc

Aug 28th No blog today

Aug 29th No blog today

Aug 30th Spring Journal - some early critical responses Jonathan Gibbs's epic poem performed

Aug 31st August index - all the blogs, cross referenced

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