Wednesday 1 July 2020

June Index

Here are links to all my June blogs. Life during lockdown.

June 1st Daša Drndić’s EEG - Celia Hawkesworth's prize-winning translation

June 2nd Spring Journal canto XI - by Jonathan Gibbs

June 3rd Letter from Mexico City - by Paulette Jonguitud

June 4th 33 reasons not to date a small press publisher - by Ross Bradshaw of Five Leaves Press

June 5th A Leap in the Dark 19 - suspect the usual round-up

June 6th A Leap in the Dark 20 - Galley Beggar Press Night

June 7th All the people I've ever leapt with - a list of contributors to A Leap in the Dark

June 8th 90 years of Whoroscope - Beckett's poem revisited

June 9th Spring Journal canto XII - by Jonathan Gibbs

June 10th Poets in advertising - Norman Cameron, Marianne Moore and Astrid Alben

June 11th Beckett and Éluard - on translation

June 12th A Leap in the Dark 21 - Nancy Cunard and time

June 13th A Leap in the Dark 22  - Beckett's poetry

June 14th Oscar Mardell - new poetry - new poetry from Oscar Mardell

June 15th 90 years of Whoroscope - WHOROmongerSCOPE AUTODIVINATION by Rhys Trimble

June 16th Bloomsday blog - a blog about Joyce

June 17th Beckett's Murphy - the other binding problem - a revived blog from 2013

June 18th Spring Journal canto XIV - by Jonathan Gibbs

June 19th A Leap in the Dark 23 - new writing from Montenegro

June 20th A Leap in the Dark 24 - a Midsummer Night's Leap

June 21st On Frankie Howerd - my gast has never been so flabbered

June 22nd Poem for Annie - 'Good night', a poem for Annie Janowitz

June 23rd On spinach, Flaubert and Eugene O'Neill - it does just what it says on the can

June 24th On theatrical nudity - an old blog recycled

June 25th On Ayn Rand - nasty piece of work

June 26th A Leap in the Dark 25 - on Ágota Kristóf, mainly

June 27th A Leap in the Dark 26l - Seen From Here curated by Tim Etchells and Vlatka Horvat

June 27th All the people I've ever leapt with (2) - an updated list


June 29th On not being a Faber poet - an old blog recycled

June 30th Humphrey Jennings and transpotting - portrait of the Marxist

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