Friday 4 October 2013

Follow the Money!

Here's a chance to get involved in a terrific film project and brag about it to your friends.

My friend John Hardwick is a wildly talented and ferociously hard-working film-maker. He's close to completing a brilliantly original documentary film which follows a $10 bill on a 30-day, 6,000 mile journey around the United States. Please read John's pitch below click on the link to see some of the film (which is almost ready to screen). He'll explain why he has to get the full sum by the end of October - and after three days is already half way there! If you don't want to support this very worthwhile project (and get a credit) please circulate the link to everyone you know.

Over to you, John:

John Hardwick

Hello friends and colleagues,
Most of you know that I'm making a new film called Follow the Money. It's a feature length documentary about a month in the life of a ten dollar bill. For thirty days and thirty nights myself and two colleagues followed a ten dollar bill as it criss-crossed the United States of America. The bill travelled 6,000 miles and through 13 different states. And it passed through the hands of countless incredible characters, building a unique and collective portrait of American life.

So far, me and my colleagues Ben and Steve, have financed the film ourselves but we're now at a stage where we need to pay to edit, score and finish the film. This is why we're launching an appeal for funding via - a website that helps artists, film-makers and authors to complete their projects. 
Our appeal will run from October 1st to October 31st and in that period it is vital that we get as many people as possible to see the project. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform - if you reach your target you get the funding, if you don't, you get nothing. Here's a preview link to our Kickstarter appeal. It includes a trailer to the film.
 If you like what you see, please keep the project in mind, and I'll mail you again next Tuesday (October 1st) with a live link. When you get it, please pass on the live link to anyone who might be interested. 
Obviously feel free to lash in a few quid to the project yourself if you wish! But even more crucial than that, please pass the link on. I'm hoping you'll ask your colleagues, friends and any billionaires you know to take a look at it. The more buzz we get via Facebook, tweets and emails, the more chance we have of funding the film.
And in return for your generous endeavours I will obviously love you forever - at least until we narrowly loose out on a Bafta - at which point I will become too bitter to love.
Thank you,

Don't let John become too bitter to love - he has so much to give! Here's the link again:



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