Friday 5 September 2014

Getting known

Regular readers of Salvēte! (and you know who you are) may like to know that I'm now moonlighting as a blogger with the Times Literary Supplement. The invitation to do so came as a surprise, and perhaps as much to the TLS as it did to me.

You can read my first (and impressively inconsequential) contribution here. It's about a linguistic condition (new to me but instantly recognisable) known as 'word aversion'.

It will spark the opposite of a heated debate, of this I am certain. But some debates are best unheated. If you feel prompted to post a comment on the TLS website then please go ahead. It's a free country (and that's a phrase you don't hear much these days).

I'll continue to blog regularly here, but hope you'll enjoy my occasional TLS appearances (and I'm told other writers feature there also).

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