Friday 13 September 2013

Iris Murdoch and Frank Kermode

Here's the critic Frank Kermode interviewing Iris Murdoch for BBC Schools television. I suppose it dates from 1962, given the reference in the credits to her novel An Unofficial Rose, published that year. That makes Murdoch and Kermode, both born in 1919, 43 years old at the time. You can watch them politely locking horns here, wondering betimes what the bloody hell happened to public service television's role in the transmission of serious literary culture, to our high-minded and aspirational education system, to the practice of literary criticism and to the art of good conversation.

More about Iris Murdoch tomorrow, I think. I'm just off to catch cheeky Jonathan Ross interviewing author Katie Price (whose fiftieth book comes out later this year!!!!). I expect  TV's "Wossy" will make a few choice remarks about the famous glamour model's assets!!!!! Her breasts!!!!!!!

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