Monday 22 July 2013

A cure for insomnia

Restless? Mind racing? Can't get to sleep? Try listing authors, alphabetically, who are best known by their initials. Once you get to Z start again at A. Extra points if you know what the initials stand for.

A. A. Milne (scores double)

B. Traven

C. S. Lewis

D. H. Lawrence

E. Nesbit

F. Scott Fitzgerald

G. K. Chesterton

H. H. Munro

I. P. Knightly (the incontinent novelist - a schoolboy joke). Say I. A. Richards?

J. B. Priestley

K. D. Laing

L. P. Hartley

M. R. James

N. F. Simpson

O. Henry

P. G. Wodehouse

Q. D. Leavis

R. S. Thomas

S. E. Hinton

T. S. Eliot

U. A. Fanthorpe

V. S. Pritchett

W. H. Auden

X. Trapnel (admittedly a fictitious writer, but can't think of any other)

Y. (Getting drowsy . . .)

Z z z z z z z z z.

Works for me.

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