Wednesday 22 May 2013

William Burroughs on film

Well blow me down. This blog comes to you on the day its readership reaches 10,000 (and 18, to be accurate). That's a cumulative total, to be sure, but I seem to be attracting (if that's the word) a hardcore (if that's also the word) daily readership of around 250. We should all meet. No, really. Let me think of a venue. We all have a lot in common, clearly, and there's so much we need to discuss.

Of course, if the entire readership turned up we'd have to move into a bigger place at short notice, or have a series of events spread over several days, or weeks. Then there's transport, catering, security and an events licence. Gawd.

So - here's today's short film, which regular readers expect of a Wednesday. This was brought to my attention by my friend David Holzer. Towers Open Fire (1963) - a nine-minute short written by, and featuring, the talented William Burroughs.

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