Wednesday 23 January 2013

Gallopin' Gertie

I post links to short films each Wednesday by way of relief - not light - from the otherwise constant onslaught of prose. Today's must-see item is from the 1940s.

You may have come across this before on television - in fact you must have seen it at some point because it used to be broadcast even more often than the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination. (Can you remember, by the way, what you were doing when you first saw the Zapruder footage? Watching television, I expect. Does anyone reading this blog buy into my theory that the intended target that day in 1963 was actually the First Lady? The evidence is overwhelming but THEY won't allow the truth to come out. More of this in the future perhaps.)

But back to today's short film. Television tended only ever to show the same thirty second extract, and in grainy slow motion black and white. Here's the full six-minute real-time version, and it's in colour, and with some appropriate music added. It's spellbinding. Look out for fearless Professor Farquharson and his luckless dog.

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