Monday 29 February 2016

February index

     February blogs from the house of Salvēte!

    As  this is a leap year I've given myself the day off and instead of a blog proper offer an index to the past month. Subjects include French perfume, categories of human excrement, Jonathan Meades, Umberto Eco, an obscure mentaldisorder that leads to chronic punning, two lost literary jokes,, lingerie, death, the Flintstones, Ezra Pound's take on Sophocles and a chap in 1970s Essex who could speak fluent Venusian.

A veritable smorgasbord, you'll agree - something for everyone  and free for all.. Click on each title below to read the corresponding blog while asking yourself: why isn't February 29th the pretext for a national - or international - holiday?

     Coming in March: 

                    * Manuela and Sam - an unpublished play script 

                    * Anatomy of a Soldier - Harry Parker's debut novel revisited

                    * Knock-knock jokes: a cultural history

                    *  Claudio Magris 

                    *  From the archives

               *  Norman Manea

                    *  Philip Maltman, artist and poet

               *  About a Girl: A Reader's Guide to Eimear McBride's A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing

               *  And (as advertising copywriters like to say) 'much, much more'. Although this means that they've run out of    
                       ideas, or space, or both, which is not the case here. Not yet, oh no.)


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