Saturday 2 January 2016

More reasons to be cheerful

2016  has two other highlights I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog (and others I'll no doubt include tomorrow). Apologies to Harry Parker, author of Anatomy of a Soldier, for calling him Harry Morgan in yesterday's blog. I was about to write the following paragraph (about the poet J. O. Morgan) when the Norwich equivalent of Coleridge's person from Porlock dropped by and I lost my drift. Thanks to  reader Alan Crilley for pointing this out!

In February Jonathan Cape will publish Interference Pattern by the poet J. O. Morgan. This will be the poet's fourth collection (following Natural Mechanical, Long Cuts (both CB editions) and In Casting Off (HappenStance Press), and is a radical departure. Disconnected voices from different place s and times, not always easy to identify (like turning the dial on an old-fashioned long-wave wireless set, picking up transmissions old and new. Quite brilliant - a Waste Land for the 21st century. Morgan has a supernatural talent

I am Thomas, a musical about the last man in Britain to be tried and executed for blasphemy, with lyrics by Simon Armitage, will come to Wilton's Music Hall in London in April.

More to follow . . .

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