Saturday 13 January 2024

LONGITŪDINĒS: an online gathering


Sunday 21st January at 7pm UK time

Joins us for a lively and inspiring hour in the company of the international team behind LONGITŪDINĒS, a multilingual magazine for creative writing, literary translation and the arts, with print and digital editions, and exclusive online content.

We hope this will prompt you to subscribe and/or donate to the crowdfunding scheme which will be launched tonight. We need to raise a modest £2k to secure the future of this excellent international publication.

If you're not already on my list of subscribers leave your email address in the comments box at the foot of this blog and I'll be in touch.


Introduction from Will Davies

About the magazine and the first two issues - a discussion with Antonio Ganbacorta, Andrea Romanzi and Amin Fatemi

Will on the  Kickstarter campaign 

Prerecorded audio/video multi-lingual readings of ‘From Switzerland’ by Peter Robinson (pre-recorded)

Closing remarks and thanks


Taking part (live or pre-recorded)

William Davies is a writer and library manager from southeast England. He has written for Literary Review, The Radio TimesReview 31 and various academic journals.

Amin Fatemi is a translator and Irish literature scholar. He is currently finishing a volume of poetry translation of an indigenous oral poetry tradition in southeast Iran.

Antonio Gambacorta is a translator and literary scholar, currently writing a collection of short stories, and editing two volumes on Samuel Beckett.

Peter Robinson's latest collection of poetry is Retrieved Attachments (Two Rivers Press): His edition of Giorgio Bassani's Collected Poems, translated in collaboration with Roberta Antognini, has recently appeared from Agincourt Press in New York: Winner of the Cheltenham Prize and the John Florio Prize, he is Professor of English and American Literature at the University of Reading.

Andrea Romanzi teaches Scandinavian Languages, Literatures and Translation at the University of Rome, Sapienza and Università Statale, Milan. He has translated several novels from Norwegian and English into Italian, and in 2019 he was awarded the Bodini Prize for best emerging translator for his translations from Norwegian.

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