Thursday 14 September 2023

        Sunday 8th October 6-7pm UK time  

If you can't get along to the live London launch in Brixton on Friday 6th October DO NOT DESPAIR - we're going to do it all over again live online on Sunday night 

                                       Sports and Social 

                                                                   by Kevin Boniface

Sports and Social is a collection of short stories about the remarkable everyday things that happen when remarkable everyday people get together.


                        It's not what you think, it rarely is, so flick the remains of your rubbish cigarette 

                        down the drain and don't pay too much attention to the rumours. Things have 

                        been going missing from the bedroom of the woman with the purple eye shadow. 

                        Stewart tries to pull in the punters at the ailing nightclub by installing a car 

                        park diorama of gorillas and meerkats. Meanwhile, Yvonne gets a new job 

                        and nobody knows what's happened to Daz. At Jonnie Rabbett's shooting 

                        club, Barbara 'Bunny' Rabbett dispenses pork pies and sage advice, "It'll 

                        be right, love." Vincent smokes cigarettes, smells of paint and finally gets 

                        to the bottom of what exactly happened to Dame Judy. He must ring Kirsten 

                        and let her know!

Programme (starts at 6pm and runs for an hour)

1. Introduction 

2. Kevin reads from Sports and Social 

3. What’s the Story? The world premiere of a new short film by Kevin Boniface

4.  Joanne Lee in conversation with the author

5. Home James, featuring Huddersfield's second most famous son

6. Another reading if there's time 

7. No end of skylarking

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