Sunday 14 August 2022

Newsletter 45

Hello again, again.

Currently without a WiFi in the house so this newsletter involved an early start and a search for a signal. About to send the link.

Please let me know if you'd rather not receive this weekly link and I'll happily stop badgering you.

If you like the badgering please join our live gathering at 7:30pm UK time, and consider making a donation to The Trussell Trust (link at the end of this newsletter).

Let's stick together!


Newsletter contents

1.   Aid for Ukraine

2.   This week’s online gathering 

3.   Indie press news

        Paper Visual Art

4.   Free London concert today!

5.   Forced Entertainment - online

6.   Poetry in Ireland and beyond

7.   Three great Irish novelists!


8.   Next week's online gathering

9.  Nudge



1.  Aid for Ukraine

It drags on, and on, and the dire need of those caught up in this ghastly war demands a response. We all have many calls on our generosity and disposable income (if any), but few are as pressing as this.

Please give what you can, when you can: the most far-reaching programme is the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. You can donate quickly and easily here.


2. This week's online gathering

This week's programme is curated by the poet and performer Amy McCauley and is called 'Field Days', a series of responses to Jemima Yong's mesmerising  photographs by Nuzhat Bukhari, Sarah Crewe, Emma Devlin, Alan Fielden and Amy herself.


3. Indie press news

Paper Visual Art

Edited by Wendy Erskinewell I just kind of like it is a collection of writing and images about art in the home and the home as art. Through a beautifully arranged series of essays, conversations, photographs, fragments, drawings, and reflections, each contributor sheds light on the stuff of the home in a vital and compelling way.

With contributions by Latifa Akay, Mauricio Alejo, Richard Billingham, Jo Broughton, Darran Anderson, Rossa Coyle, Emily Dickinson, Susannah Dickey, Wendy Erskine, Nicole Flattery, David Hayden, David Keenan, Heather Leigh, Philip Mann, Jan McCullough, Gareth McConnell, Lara Pawson, Keith Ridgway, Joseph Scott, Frances Stark, Annelies Štrba, Maurice van Tellingen, Joanna Walsh, and Shaun Whiteside. 

What a spectacular cohort!

Published in October but you can pre-order here


4. Free London concert today!

'Leventina', a piano piece by Helen Ottaway based on a Palestinian folk song The Glue Factory's composer-in-reticence, features in a free open-air concert

The piece, based on a Palestinian folk song and composed for Jordanian-Palestinian pianist Iyad Sughayer, will feature in his performance at King's Cross Summer Sounds on Sunday 14th August. The venue is the Coal Drop Yard (a few minute's walk north of King's Cross station).

Iyad will play two sets:








Full details of this and other summer concerts here.


5. Forced Entertainment - online

In Real Magic (first produced in 2016), three performers from Forced Entertainment attempt an impossible illusion by endlessly revisiting moments of defeat in an examination of optimism, agency and the desire for change.

Now in a new and exclusive partnership with DIGITAL THEATRE + (announced this week) you can see this and other FE performances online for the first time, including part of their epic 'Speak Bitterness' production.

A trailer for the original production of Real Magic

And here's Tim Etchells speaking about the production:


6. Poetry in Ireland and beyond

Angela T. Carr lives in Dublin and is widely published in poetry journals and anthologies including Prelude, The London Magazine, Mslexia, Bare Fiction and The Lonely Crowd. She provides an excellent overview of the poetry scene in Ireland and elsewhere, including submission windows, festivals, competitions and so on. See here:

Angela T. Carr:


7. Three great Irish novelists!

Here's a recording of an event at the British Library earlier this year in which novelist Anne Enright and Eimear McBride talk to Dr Clare Hutton about Ulysses:


8. Next week's online gathering

On Sunday 21st August we'll focus on Contemporary Flash Fiction with a programme curated by author Michael Loveday and featuring his guests Jude Higgins, Dave Swann, Karen Jones and Sudha Balagopal 

Toby Litt (who appeared on the very first Glue Factory gathering in January) will share an update on his brilliant year-long project A Writer’s Diary and Susanna Crossman will read her dazzling short story G is the Acceleration of the Box.

Do join us for an hour and a half of cultural delights packed into ninety minutes. 


9. Nudge

10m Britons have savings of less than £100.

The poorest 25% of households have average savings of just £2000 (scraped together over entire lifetimes).

And we, and they, are now supposed find £4000 a year for fuel as prices spike. Private energy companies are gouging the public with the full support of the Tory party. These iniquitous price rises, coupled with high rates of inflation and the clusterfuck legacy of Brexit will plunge many into poverty in the near future

Food banks are not the solution but they do some good where it matters. And they don't just give out emergency food. They also provide essentials like:

👶 Nappies and baby supplies

🚿 Shampoo and conditioner

👚 Laundry detergent

Please support The Trussell Trust, or your local equivalent. It's quick and easy to make a donation here:

And thank you.


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