Monday 14 December 2015


Recognise this?

Seventeen copies sold, of which eleven at trade price to free circulating libraries beyond the seas. Getting known. (Pause.) One pound six and something, eight I have little doubt. (Pause.) 

It's Beckett's Krapp, of course, gloomily mulling over his literary career. I suppose we all get the odd chance to scratch that itch (or lance that boil) and mine came the other day when I came across a Chinese website which had for whatever reason decided to post something I'd written a few years ago, about Auden (a contribution to a collection of essays called W. H. Auden in Context). Curious, I clicked on the button that gives a version in English and read the following:

British poet WH Auden (WH Auden) and is called "seventh art" movie seemingly intersection, in fact, born in  1907, he is catching a movie from birth to maturity, to become the new darling of the cultural stage. British scholar, poet David Conrad (David Collard) years so obsessed with the pile of paper, digging out Auden inextricably linked with the film, and in January 2013 it will be published in the book "Auden Panorama" (WH Auden in Context) one by one comb. 

"Years so obsessed with the pile of paper". (Pause) Getting known.

Krapp's Last Tape © The Estate of Samuel Beckett / Faber and Faber Ltd

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