Wednesday 13 February 2013

Million pound monster

This week's short film shows the magnificent R101, then the world's largest rigid airship, floating quietly over London then returning to its colossal hangar. The last two or three shots are wonderful. Here it is (and as you can see I've now discovered how to add live links):

The airship came a cropper soon after, but the extraordinary sheds at Cardington (near Bedford) are still in place and worth a visit. Built to house two giant airships they were (and for all I know remain) the largest structures of their kind. Some head-spinning images:

 While in Bedford you can also visit The Ark, a neat semi-detached Victorian house maintained since the end of the Great War by a tiny religious sect called The Panacea Society as a residence for the Messiah in the event of the Second Coming. Next door is a modest, well-tended allotment, believed by Panaceans to be the original site of the Garden of Eden. 

Rum place, Bedford.

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