Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Save the Horse Hospital

News from my friend, the writer and hepcat Cathi Unsworth, about The Horse Hospital.

This place is a stone's throw from Russell Square, and for a quarter of a century has been London's pre-eminent centre for exhibitions of Outsider Art (and much else besides). It's a wonderful venue, of great architectural and cultural interest and an antidote to the slick corporate blandness of other cultural hubs. It's now under serious threat from (three guesses).

Cathi writes:

Like me, most of you will have spent at least one of the best nights of your life at the Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury, where for 25 years Roger K Burton has been offering a platform and a refuge for genuine outsider art, across every permutation of that word that you can think of. […] Now it is in danger of becoming lost to us all and instead turned into that thing that we dread the most - luxury flats. 

Roger has spent nearly two years trying to fight off his landlord to remain in the venue that he has built up over all this time, but needs more money than he can generate on the door alone to be able to meet the legal bills required to go on fighting. So he has set up a crowdfunding camapign. You don't have to give very much, and everything you do give is rewarded with a special bit of very exciting HH-related art. 

If the HH is forced to close, we will probably never know anything like it again. So please, try and help in any way you can, by spreading the word as far as you can. And if you can see your way to a small contribution, the site is HERE.

There's also a WEBSITE. 

Dig deep. Don't let The Horse Hospital become a knackers' yard.

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