Friday 12 September 2014

Beckett and Lady Chatterley's Lover

Ian Hamilton, in Writers in Hollywood 1915-1951 (Heinemann, 1990), describes Aldous Huxley‘s time as a scriptwriter, his collaboration with Christopher Isherwood on an unmade film about faith-healing, his rejected adaptation of Alice in Wonderland for Walt Disney and his involvement in "a saga of negotiations about a possible movie of Lady Chatterley’s Lover (with Isherwood, Auden, and even Samuel Beckett somehow involved as possible co-writers)."

This seems unlikely, although Beckett was at the time published by Grove Press, which also published Lawrence, so perhaps a rumour was spread that Hamilton mischievously perpetuated. As for the Auden connection, I can find nothing linking him to this project.

What would Beckett have made of Lady Chatterley?

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